How To Create The Perfect Zen Wedding Photo Albums

Your wedding deserves to be properly chronicled and remembered for a lifetime, so you undoubtedly know the importance of wedding photography. Most couples choose the best pictures from their wedding and hire a professional service online to compile their wedding photo album. With that being said, you have plenty of choices you need to make regarding your photographs before they get turned into the perfect volume. To help relieve some of the wedding stress, here are some of our top tips compiled for your viewing pleasure!

Pick Photos That You Love

Instead of looking at the technical aspects of your photos, look for the ones that hold the most meaning for you. You need to have the right kind of emotional connection with your photographs if they’re going to represent the happiest day of your life. This album is for you to preserve your memories, so don’t let friends or family tell you the photographs they think you should include.

Don’t Opt For Cluttered

It is easy to get carried away with including as many photographs as you want on just one spread, but it can take away from the overall meaning of the images. Choose one or two photos per page and let them speak for themselves. You’ll be surprised by how Zen your entire album can look just by taking a minimalist approach to design.

Use The Right Chronological Order

There should be a method when you compile your images; usually it is customary to use a chronological order. Your ceremony photos should be placed before your reception photos. Of course, there can be an exception to this rule if you find an image that you particularly love and wish to make it the focal point of your album.

Don’t Procrastinate Your Wedding Album

Not all couples choose to compile their wedding albums after the event. Some wait years to get the work done, but this is never a good idea! You should include your album even during the wedding planning and have it finished at a time your wedding is still fresh in your mind as it is the most honest way to preserve the memories most important to you.

Scale Your Album Size Appropriately

If you had a fairly small wedding, there’s no reason to create a huge album. The standards aren’t the same for a large affair versus a small and intimate gathering. Look at the different packages that a company offers for wedding albums and consider the one that fits in best with the amount of images you have.

The wedding photo album you put together now will be the one that you show your children and grandchildren. It’s important to create a quality album that can last a lifetime and preserve your happy memories. A well thought out album is one that you can leave out on your coffee table and share with friends and family when they drop by for a visit. You should also get an experienced wedding planner to have beautiful backdrop for your photos. Before making hasting decisions, consider if your image choices are ones you can respect years down the line.